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Support Your Most Fragile Patients From Anywhere!

These days, everyone carries a smart phone on which we surf the web, watch sports events, check email, check and post on social media, and generally conduct our lives.

Now NutriDapt allows clinicians to support their most fragile patients on the same smart phone.

Picture this... You are away from your clinic or hospital and a critical patient comes in or their condition changes. Someone at the clinic contacts you, you log in to NutriDapt, review the patient's record, make changes based on the information relayed to you by phone and voila! - an updated recipe is created for the patient. The clinic support staff or other clinicians at the clinic can immediately see the updated recipe and begin feeding.

In less than 5 minutes, you've reviewed and updated the patient's NutriDapt feeding plan and gone back to what you were doing before you were called.


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