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How Does NutriDapt Work?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

NutriDapt is an innovative new approach to veterinary liquid nutrition for injured and critically ill dogs and cats.

Quickly Create Patient Specific Recipe

After registering on the NutriDapt site, a clinician or veterinary support professional may create a new patient record. With entry of a few pieces of information including, age, weight, condition and GI symptoms, NutriDapt recommends a nutritional profile and meal plan.

The clinical user has the option to override the recommendations for RER, protein and fat levels. Once the user saves the record, meal plans(s) for one or more days (depending on beginning RER) of feeding are created and displayed.

In less than 2 minutes NutriDapt creates a highly customized, calorically dense, condition/disease-specific meal plan. In 2 - 3 more minutes, a fresh meal or day's worth of nutrition can be measured, mixed and ready to feed by bolus or infusion pump. NutriDapt provides the infusion rate with each day's feeding instructions.

Support Tiny Patients

Need to use very small catheters like a 3-French? No problem! NutriDapt has been tested at it's full energy density and can flow through 3-French diameters without issue. No additional dilution required!

Currently, NutriDapt can be used for short-term feeding of puppies - up to 6 days whether suffering with parvovirus or other conditions.

Provide Condition/Disease Specific Nutrition

Some patients, like those with pancreatitis, need low fat, others need high fat, like those with cancer. Some, like those with kidney disease, need lower protein, others, like those with parvovirus, need high protein. NutriDapt takes all of this into account along with GI symptoms such as diarrhea to further refine the recommended nutrition profile. The expertise of the board certified veterinary nutritionist who specializes in critical care and oxidative stress diets and formulated NutriDapt is now in your clinic! Of course, recommended levels of energy, protein and fat can be overridden by the clinician.

Support Your Patients From Anywhere!

On call but at a friend's wedding? No problem! Log into NutriDapt on your phone and, using the information relayed to you from the clinic, create the appropriate NutriDapt meal plan in just a few minutes. Then go back to the wedding while someone at the clinic mixes the recipe and feeds the patient.


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