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Benefits of NutriDapt

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The future of liquid veterinary critical care nutrition has arrived!

A combination of cutting edge web-based software and high quality, specially formulated ingredients, NutriDapt provides the following benefits to veterinary clinicians and patients:

  • Saves significant time and improves accuracy over traditional methods of calculating, mixing and feeding. No manual calculations!

  • Provides optimal nutrition adapted for each patient based on complete health profile including diagnosis/condition, GI symptoms, etc.

  • Brings the expertise of a board certified veterinary nutritionist into your clinic!

  • Delivers between 1.54 and 2.4 kcal/ml. Higher calorie density means reduced feeding volume which is easier on fragile patients.

  • Gives clinicians full control to override recommended RER, protein and fat levels.

  • Lets you support your most fragile patients from anywhere: beach, ballpark or birthday party.

  • Fully self-documenting. No need to write anything down!

  • Supports sharing full nutrition information with an EMR system.

  • Adapts to changes in patient condition and diagnosis.

  • Is easy to use and highly accurate.

  • High quality, low glycemic nutrition. All food ingredients are human grade.

  • Calculates meal plans in detail including per day and per meal measurements and per day infusion rate.

  • Creates multi-day meal plans automatically for patients needing to start at less than 100% RER.

  • Captures full history of all data changes. Patient History can be displayed and printed.

  • Reduces waste. Properly stored packages of NutriDapt components have a 2 year shelf life when unopened and a 30 day shelf life when opened. Mix only what is needed, when it is needed.

Contact us to learn more and register your clinic:

Canine Biologics

2145 S Clermont St., Ste 3

Denver, CO 80222



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