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Canine Biologics Launches Adaptive Liquid Nutrition System for Critically Ill or

Injured Dogs & Cats

NutriDapt liquid feeding system provides fast, easy, patient-specific nutrition for veterinary patients who need it most.

June 23, 2022 - DENVER -- Canine Biologics announces NutriDapt™ Adaptive Liquid

Nutrition for tube and syringe feeding of critically ill or injured dogs, cats and puppies.

Designed for busy clinics, NutriDapt provides a fast, easy and accurate way to feed

canine and feline critical care patients requiring enteral nutrition.

NutriDapt’s software-guided system provides the expertise of a board-certified professor of veterinary clinical nutrition. It calculates patient-specific nutritional requirements and formulates meal plans utilizing the system’s separate Base Diet, Protein Boost and Fat Boost components.

With NutriDapt, clinicians can enter patient data, calculate nutritional needs, and prepare customized meals ready to feed in less than five minutes. The system includes nutritional profiles for dozens of common health conditions including trauma, kidney disease, pancreatitis, parvo and cancer. Recipes can be calculated on a meal-by-meal or day-by-day basis and include infusion pump flow rates if needed. For convenience, each patient’s NutriDapt Patient ID can match their EMR ID allowing meal plans and other information to be included in patient files.

Formulated by a DVM/PhD professor of veterinary clinical nutrition, NutriDapt addresses the long-standing liquid feeding challenges frequently faced by veterinary clinics. Canine Biologics recognizes many health conditions require or benefit from distinct types of nutrition.

Providing the system as separate components allows precise levels of energy, protein and fat to meet each patients’ specific needs. Clinicians may override meal plans, as needed, to address concurrent or conflicting conditions.

“We are pleased to offer another significant nutritional advancement to improve the lives and outcomes of veterinary patients,” said Jeff Sutherland, founder, president and CEO of Canine Biologics. “Incorporating input from practicing ER and critical care veterinarians, we developed a first-of-its kind solution to meet the wideranging nutritional needs of critical care patients. The pairing of software guidance with separate nutrition components made this breakthrough product possible. Faster and easier for busy veterinary clinics, and more comfortable for patients, NutriDapt is truly the future of liquid feeding.”

The NutriDapt system starts with a low-protein, low-phosphorus, kidney-friendly Base Diet. Depending on the animal’s diagnosis and other clinically-relevant factors, adding precise amounts of NutriDapt Protein Boost and/or Fat Boost create optimal, patient-specific nutrition.

The nutritional components mix easily with water resulting in a smooth consistency. The liquid, even when mixed at full energy density, can easily be administered with a 3 French feeding tube. The nutrient-dense meals provide more calories with less liquid for greater patient comfort and less GI upset while also saving valuable time.

NutriDapt follows in the wake of Canine Biologics’ Integrated Nutrition System launched in late 2020. This innovative system is the only nutrition system specifically formulated for dogs battling cancer and/or those in remission. The company has nearly 250 board-certified veterinary oncologists in its network and is quickly growing its influence in the veterinary community.

About Canine Biologics

Denver-based Canine Biologics is an innovator of next-generation nutrition products focused on supporting the health and wellness needs of companion animals. Additional products are currently in development for canine cancer and critical care patients. Additional information about Canine Biologics is available at



Jen Brauns (Business Development | Investors | Media)

North American Sales Director

Canine Biologics

Denver, Colorado



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