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Easily Provide Your Most Vulnerable Patients The Highest Quality Liquid Nutrition.

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Adaptive Liquid Nutrition

Smart, Software-Assisted Customization

Formulated by a Board-Certified Professor of Clinical Veterinary Nutrition

Vedco's NutriDapt™ product offers a smart, new, patent-pending way to fill the gap in critical care, liquid enteral nutrition for dogs and cats.

Veterinarians providing enteral nutrition often get by with liquid or diluted-canned diets that take a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

Protein | Fat | Calories – Complete Customization

NutriDapt™ employs a smarter method with its easy-to-use, time saving software that helps you find the best levels of these key nutritional elements. You can now provide patients with an optimal, customized diet that is most appropriate for each animal and easily vary it as their day-to-day needs change!

Patients who need critical nutritional support with conditions from trauma/post-surgical care to renal disease to pancreatitis and more now have a better solution

A New Approach


  • Calorically dense

  • Better for your patients

  • Takes out the guess work

  • Saves time for clinicians and techs

NutriDapt‘s calorically dense liquid nutrition minimizes the volume of product required to meet an animal’s needs. A high-quality diet is always important but especially so for animals stressed by trauma or illness. Because your patients and their circumstances vary widely, their nutritional needs do as well. Some need high fat, some need low. Some need high protein, others lower protein. Thus, a one-size-fits-all solution cannot optimally address each animal's unique requirements.

These issues are addressed by NutriDapt’s system of nutritional components and software to enable clinicians to easily and quickly get a simple recipe that is optimized for a specific

animal's weight, diagnosis, gastrointestinal symptoms, and the length of time it may have been inappetant.

The clinician or technician simply mixes 1 to 4 ingredients with water, according to the instructions provided by the software. The NutriDapt™ system shows per-day and per-meal recipes for ease and flexibility.


Information in NutriDapt™ can be related to a clinic's EMR system via the Patient ID. If needed, the NutriDapt™ data and recipe can be printed or saved as a PDF, in most modern browsers, to add to the patient's clinic records.​

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