Come See NutriDapt™ At IVECCS 2022!

We are excited to announce that Canine Biologics will have a booth (#320) at the International Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Symposium taking place in San Antonio September 7-11.

We look forward to presenting NutriDapt, our groundbreaking approach to liquid nutrition for dogs (and soon cats too)!

Unlike other critical care nutrition options available today, Canine Biologics' NutriDapt Adaptive Liquid Nutrition is customized for each patient. Animals with pancreatitis need less fat while those with cancer do better with more fat. Similarly, animals with kidney disease do better with low to moderate protein while those with Cushings need high protein. Further, GI symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting or days of low or no eating complicate the situation.

NutriDapt takes all of these variables into account. With entry of a few basic data values in our easy-to-use web application a custom, easy-to-mix, recipe is calculated for the optimal liquid nutrition for the patient. All while saving veterinary staff significant time! Go from entry of patient data to feeding in under 5 minutes!

The system even provides infusion rate and makes updates to the patient's condition, and therefore the NutriDapt recipe, fast and easy. Of course the clinician has ultimate control to override the recipe according to their experience and preference.

No more need to blend cans of soft food or navigate the use of one-size-fits-all options. Now you can easily and quickly mix a liquid diet suitable for syringe and catheter feeding. We have tested with catheters as small as 3 French and it works beautifully.

Come visit us at IVECCS, booth 320, and see the system and product for yourself! We look forward to showing you our new product and answering all your questions.

NutriDapt: The future of veterinary critical care liquid nutrition is now!

Canine Biologics also makes the one-of-a-kind Integrated Nutrition System made specifically to support dogs fighting cancer.